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My Sugar-free Month

My Sugar-free Month by Michele Settling in to Day 3 of my ‘no sugar’ month….means cutting out all cane sugar, plus any alternative sweeteners such as agave or maple syrup. But I am going to be eating fruit. Plus sprinklings of raw cacoa nibs, that are as close as it gets to chocolate! Why am…

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Busting 4 Brain Health Myths

Busting 4 Brain Health Myths by Michele I’ve not written a blog for a while. And this one’s a bit longer than usual. I feel Brain Health is such an important subject. I was listening to an amazing talk on Dementia by Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai in early March, I took some notes and want to…

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Grow Greens, Make Smoothie

Grow Greens, Make Smoothie by Michele From zero to abundant greens in 3 months of lockdown At the beginning of April I took a piece of our lawn, and with agreement from Jez (phew!) started a no-dig veg plot. I am delighted to say that the miracle of nature has worked yet again and 2…

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