Grow Greens, Make Smoothie

by Michele

From zero to abundant greens in 3 months of lockdown

At the beginning of April I took a piece of our lawn, and with agreement from Jez (phew!) started a no-dig veg plot. I am delighted to say that the miracle of nature has worked yet again and 2 months later, we have a vibrant load of growing and producing vegetable plants, including lots of green leaves –  great smoothie material, not to mention huge salads.

Why a green smoothie? Green smoothies are a wonderfully nutritious way to start the day. (Also great for a fast snack or meal replacement). An easy and delicious way to add more fibre, minerals and vitamins. I like to pop out and pick a large handful of leaves just before making a green smoothie in the morning, and even for an afternoon snack.

How to make a Green Smoothie

Generally they include some ripe fruit, some soft green leaves and some water, coconut water or nut milk. You can add a variety of spices and superfoods for more flavour and health promoting nutrients. Some fruits work better than others.

The combinations are endless. Have fun experimenting!

Here are my preferred ingredients, use one type from each of the three groups or a combination and blend with enough water/liquid to make the smoothie to your required consistency:

Ripe fruit 



baby spinach
pea sprouts
baby lettuce leaves
romaine leaves

Spices and superfoods

mixed green powder
spirulina powder
ground linseed
barley grass powder
boccoli sprout powder
cocoa powder
dessicated coconut

Or if you prefer to follow a simple Green Smoothie recipe:

2 ripe banana
1 tbs freshly ground linseeds
a handful of baby spinach, lettuce/other leaves, pea shoots or 1-2 sticks of celery
1tsp spirulina powder
water or coconut water to desired consistency
Option: sprinkle with raw cocoa nibs

Enjoy fibre, abundant phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, healthy carbs, plus a great taste!

Green smoothie with pea shoots
Green smoothie with pea shoots

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